Ypsilanti’s first vegan Italian restaurant opens near UEM campus

Vegano Italiano, Ypsilanti’s first all-vegan Italian restaurant, opened at 530 N. Huron St. last month.

Mary Rose Angelo, originally from New York, is the owner of Vegano Italiano. She brought the recipes she grew up with to her restaurant and vegetated them. Some of the more popular dishes on their menu include vegan utica riggie, pesto pizza, and eggplant cutlet.

Angelo moved to Ann Arbor 5 years ago and fell in love with the area. She found a restaurant open in Ypsilanti with a pizza oven and knew it was the one.

“Everyone has been so warm, inviting and responsive,” Angelo said. “A lot of people are from Ypsi but also from all over Michigan and even Ohio.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone’s business differently, and for Vegano Italiano, it has slowed down their process of opening up.

“The process of opening a restaurant itself has gone more slowly,” said Angelo. “Hiring was a challenge and even getting items wholesale. “

Most of Vegano Italiano’s ingredients and items are local to Michigan, and their vegan ricotta is homemade instead of wholesale. The restaurant gets its dough and rolls from the Italian market in Cantoro in Livonia, its baked goods from Botanical Bakeshop in Milan, and its produce from Frog Holler in Ann Arbor.

“We try to have everything local, where possible,” Angelo said.

The Vegano Italiano offers different specialties every week, and the Sunday specialty is always pizza for breakfast. They post their specials and other updates on social media, including their Instagram.

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