Who says Johnny Depp can’t get $10.35 million from Amber Heard if she goes bankrupt? Here’s how he could earn “income” from her for decades!

How Amber Heard can pay damages to Johnny Depp (Photo credit: Instagram, still from the film)

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s legal drama continues as Aquaman 2 actress gets written order to pay $10.35 million as the damage has passed. As she will receive $2 million of Depp on his counterclaims. When this was announced, Heard was in the spotlight that she couldn’t afford to pay the sum as her entire net worth was below that.

The actress was even trolled after she was spotted traveling on a private jet and later shopping at a discount store. Meanwhile, Depp is focusing on his career. It was recently announced that the Pirates of the Caribbean actor is going on a European tour with the band Hollywood Vampires.

Getting back to the point, Amber Heard, who has now received a written order to pay Johnny Depp $10.35 million after losing the defamation, will find it difficult to cover it. A lawyer, Raiford Dalton Palmer, told HollywoodLife how the payment can be made even if Heard doesn’t have enough money.

Palmer said Johnny Depp can collect his future income from movies and other projects. In addition to this, its assets can also be collected. “Johnny has a judgment saying she owes him,” the attorney said. “He can recover his assets and income for decades. But smart people with money know how to protect their assets,” he added.

“She could try to use bankruptcy to slow down payment, but that’s not a panacea,” Raiford Dalton Palmer said. On top of that, Amber has hinted that she intends to appeal the verdict in the case. If she does, she will have to pay more.

According to some reports, Judge Azacarate has said that Amber Heard will have to pay $480,000 (6% interest) if she were to file an appeal against Johnny Depp.

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