We tried Sheffield Mexican-Italian restaurant ‘the hidden gem’ tucked away next to a gas station – Alex Grove

Mexican-Italian fusion restaurants are not common in Sheffield, especially when hung next to a gas station.

Sette Colli in Hillsborough first opened in 2003, and it’s clear that since then it has built an enviable reputation as a small local restaurant beloved by many.

The restaurant is apparently “fast becoming the place to eat in Sheffield” – and after visiting midweek in an eerily quiet Hillsborough, it was easy to see why.

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The restaurant is quite compact but was packed with diners, which you don’t usually see on a Monday evening.

Having luckily decided to book in advance just an hour before, we arrived at 8pm and were given a small table by the window.

As I browsed through the menu, the first thing that struck me was the huge range of options.

There was so much to choose from, but for the value we went for something from the special two-course menu, which is available Monday through Thursday.

Formagio Frito

This was broken down into pizza and pasta (£ 14.95) or Mexican (£ 16.95), and we went with the former.

There were six starters to choose from and 12 main courses – quite a long list for a set menu.

I felt like not gorging on garlic bread so I opted for the Funghi Al Aglio – mushrooms cooked with garlic, white wine and parsley – while my friend opted for the Formagio Frito – Italian cheese coated in breadcrumbs, fried and served in an Italian tomato sauce.

Funghi Al Aglio

The portions weren’t huge but they were exactly what we both wanted from a starter before the main course.

They didn’t skimp on the garlic which was a bonus for me and my friend enjoyed the creaminess of the Italian tomato sauce.

It was at this point that we decided to opt for a bottle of wine to accompany the meal. The house white, which contained 1 liter instead of the usual 750cl, cost £ 19.95 and went down too easily.

Now it was on the sector.

Pasticio Al Forno

I opted for the Pasticio Al Forno – tubes of pasta baked in the oven with chicken, mushrooms, bolognese, fresh basil and mozzarella cheese – with my friend enjoying a Pizza Milano, which is your tomato and cheese standard garnished with chicken, mushrooms and salami.

Like the starters, both dishes were excellent. The pizza was loaded with toppings and the pasta came with an abundance of melted cheese – maybe too much if I’m really picky as I struggled to eat everything due to the creaminess and thickness of what was in the dish.

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Because the restaurant is so small and compact, the atmosphere is warm and friendly. The staff were attentive throughout and it was very comfortable inside the restaurant.

So many great chain restaurants can be described as soulless and bland, but that’s not the case at Sette Colli.

It’s a lovely hidden gem tucked away in an unusual position next to a gas station.

Inside Sette Colli

If you walk past it you might miss it but it is clearly a sought after place for a comfortable meal or as we saw on Monday night a big family reunion.

A group of at least 10 people were celebrating someone’s birthday on the table next to us and despite the large number of people it never felt overcrowded or noisy in the restaurant with staff able to respond to the needs of all the guests.

It was certainly not an exaggeration from the owners to say that Sette Colli “is becoming the place to eat in Sheffield” and if you haven’t tried it yet I highly recommend it.

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