The superb Italian restaurant under Connolly Station that you had no idea existed

The excitement of finding something so lovely in the last place one expects is quite a thrilling experience.

If you’ve stumbled across this gorgeous little Italian restaurant in Connolly Station, you’ll know the feeling.

Fasta is located on the lower level of Connolly Station. Enter through the IFSC and you will find it on your left, or enter Rue d’Amiens at the gates opposite Rue Talbot and you will see the sign after the stairs to the docks.

The charming little restaurant is complete with a front area decorated with lights and plants and a stunning interior up a set of steps that offers a little slice of Italy in central Dublin.

Inside Fasta at Connolly Station

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Having opened in September 2020, Fasta has delighted unsuspecting commuters and travelers passing through Connolly Station, as well as pasta lovers who discovered the hidden gem on platforms like TikTok.

Outside Fasta at Connolly Station with sign and lights on the canopy in the station
Outside Fasta at Connolly Station

Dublin Live caught up with Fasta owner Noel Reilly, who described the restaurant’s authentic Italian offering on how it came about.

He explained, “I had the idea around 2016. I really got into making pasta, I searched for a place for a few years, then I found this place towards the end of 2019.”

Fasta’s menu consists of dishes such as Carbonara, Amatricianna, Pesto Genovese and Arrabbiata. Plus, patrons can enjoy wine, beer or an Aperol Spritz in this atmospheric setting which includes a mural by a talented Irish artist and a wall of posters by Noel and his brother.

Noel, who is also an A&E doctor, was studying in Italy in 2015 and fell in love with the place and its cuisine. The following year he returned with his girlfriend and traveled to several places in northern Italy.

Noel Reilly, owner of Fasta, in front of Fasta at Connolly Station
Noel Reilly, owner of Fasta

“I was blown away by the food and how easy and relaxed it was. It was very affordable,” he told us.

“At the time, I was unaware of anything like this in Ireland. We came up with the idea for this place. We make all our pasta fresh every morning. Because we make it fresh in the morning, it takes a long time. less cooking time, only about two minutes.

“All of the dishes stay very true to how it’s done in Italy. We do some of the prep ahead of time, but a lot of things are just cooked to order from scratch.”

The menu is Fasta at Connolly Station on a blackboard on a wall
The menu is Fasta in Connolly station

Naturally, the ambient Christmas restaurant in an unexpected Dublin location drew joyful reactions.

He revealed: “The whole place is based on a part of Rome called Trastevere. There’s a lot of awnings with leaves and all that. It’s a very cool bohemian laid back neighborhood. I wanted to make an escape out of it, that’s what music does.

“The playlist contains hours of Italian music. It’s meant to transport you away from your usual daily grind with a romantic notion of Italy.

“We are a big hit with the Italians. One came on a Wednesday and the other on a Thursday. He said I should take that as a big compliment.”

Fasta is open Wednesday to Sunday from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m.

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