The Phoenix Sicilian Butcher Italian restaurant is expanding. Here is where

Joey and Cristina Maggiore’s Italian restaurants, The Sicilian Butcher and The Sicilian Baker, will expand with the opening of nearly 20 additional locations over the next four years, including the first restaurants outside of Arizona.

Maggiore Group restaurants currently have three locations each in the Phoenix metro area and the group plans to open two more locations in the East Valley in addition to introducing the brand in Utah, Texas, Tennessee , Nevada and Colorado.

“It’s always a dream for restaurateurs to launch a concept and have it become so valuable that people want to take it to other states,” Joey Maggiore said.

The Maggiore Group is also responsible for popular brunch destination Hash Kitchen and The Mexicano, and is expected to open two new restaurants coming months: The Rosticceria, an Italian rotisserie with a build-it-yourself ice cream bar, is set to open in Phoenix in December, followed by a “fine dining” restaurant called Italiano coming to Scottsdale in early 2023.

Build on the Maggiore family history in the Phoenix metro area and beyond

Maggiore said his passion for cooking was passed on to him by his late father, Tomaso, the beloved local chef behind Tomaso’s restaurant on 32nd Street and Camelback Road. He passed away in 2021 from cancer, leaving behind a legacy that his son looks forward to carrying on through his new restaurants.

“My dad’s picture is on the wall,” Maggiore said. “So to know that I can bring it into all these other areas and show the world the family’s food recipes is exciting.”

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The expansion is in partnership with the Savory Fund, which previously invested $20 million in Maggiore Hash Kitchen’s brunch concept in 2021.

The Savory Fund has allocated $30 million for investment in The Sicilian Butcher and The Sicilian Baker. The company will own 51% of the brand and Maggiore will own 49%.

But Maggiore said he and his wife will always have “100% control over the quality of the food, the menus and everything we do, which is always amazing.”

When will the expansion take place?

The project will take place over the next four years and Maggiore said he would like to see the brand continue to grow even beyond what is currently planned.

“The goal is to go as far as possible,” Maggiore said. “To make a household name of [The Sicilian Butcher] would be something spectacular. To have our brand in every state…if we can get halfway there, I’d love it.”

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