The new Montclair restaurant offers “simple and authentic” Italian cuisine


MONTCLAIR, NJ – A new restaurant in Montclair receives praise for its “simple and authentic” Italian cuisine.

On Friday, the Montclair Center BID gave a social media nod to Palato Caffe & Cucina at 377 Bloomfield Avenue. Learn more about this local business here.

According to the Montclair Center BID, co-owners Massimo Apicella Owner (originally from Puglia, now Bloomfield) and Stefano Bosetti Chef (from Trento, now Montclair) have combined the cuisines of northern and southern Italy in a “simple way, authentic and very delicious. “

The Montclair Center BID wrote:

“Massimo and Stefano worked together at Hell’s Kitchen before COVID and because the New York restaurant where they worked and their mode of transportation to the city was closed, they decided to build something together near their own neighborhoods. They chose Montclair Center because of its greatness as a booming neighborhood and because of its wonderful community. When you enter (no reservation, but Massimo will do his best to accommodate everyone! Outdoor bar and bistro available during that you’d expect), take a look at the decor. Massimo loves working with wood and everything was designed and made by him. They cut through the layers of wall and saw the history of all the previous companies that had been in that space AND they gained two feet of space and discovered an original door that had been hidden (now turned into a deli display cabinet). “

The BID du Center Montclair added:

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