The best Italian restaurant in Ocean County, one of the best in New Jersey

“Italian” is one of the most popular foods in America and New Jersey. Italian cuisine is perhaps the most popular here in the Garden State. So many different types of food and so many different types of restaurants.

One of my favorite Italian dishes is eggplant. I’ll have the eggplant parmesan with a little spaghetti on the side. Sausage and peppers is another favorite and you can’t go wrong with baked ziti and some great Italian bread. Never forget the cheese, every Italian dish needs fresh cheese as well. Emanuel Ekström Emanuel Ekström

Let’s look at an article by The best of New Jersey, they gave away some of the best Italian restaurants around New Jersey, including right here on the Jersey Shore. A restaurant was top for Ocean County and this restaurant is right in Point Pleasant Beach. Jason Leung Jason Leung

According to Best of New Jersey, the best Italian restaurant in Ocean County is Ristorante Italiano in Spano. “This BYOB joint is open seven days a week, but by reservation only, so be sure to call ahead.Best of New Jersey added this sweet thought “Our top three desserts are Pistachio Ice Cream, Ricotta Cheesecake, and Carmela’s Nutella Bread Pudding. Davey Sauce Davey Sauce

So, did you go to Spano? They require reservations so be sure to call ahead. If you have eaten at Spano let us know what you thought and what was your favorite dish, we would love to hear your recommendations.

Also, if you have other Italian restaurants in Ocean County that you like, let us know. Always looking for a good Italian restaurant to try.

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