The best Italian recipes from food network star Valérie Bertinelli

For Valérie Bertinelli, personality of Food Network, Italian cuisine is a specialty.

The Italian-American draws from her family’s trusty box of recipe cards and adds her own creations to this catalog of dishes. Here are some of his best.

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Bertinelli inherited his cooking chops from his mother

In her cookbook Valérie’s home cookingBertinelli revealed that his mother, although not Italian, was invested in learning his way around the kitchen largely thanks to her husband’s Italian family.

Her “specialty was Italian food, although she is of Anglo-Irish descent and grew up in New Jersey,” the culinary personality wrote. “She learned to cook from the women of my father’s family. When I was a kid, she made an average lasagna, and the rich, creamy goodness of her risotto always comes to mind when I think of perfection at the end of a fork.

Valerie Bertinelli’s brother and their mother visited her in 2017 on ‘Valerie’s Home Cooking’

Valérie Bertinelli’s version of her mother’s risotto

Risotto has earned its place as a deliciously starchy staple in Italian cuisine. Bertinelli wrote of his humble but classy take on the recipe, “I consider this an upscale one-dish meal that I can serve during the week. It’s creamy, with al dente rice, like a risotto should be,” she continues.

While the actor’s mom used (much to Bertinelli and his siblings’ chagrin) chicken neck, gizzards and liver in her risotto, she incorporates diced tomatoes, ground pork, dry white wine, baby spinach, grated parmesan and, of course, Arborio rice.

She suggests serving this meal “with crusty bread and a salad,” confident it will become “as it has been for me, a favorite family recipe.” I’ll just add one more note: thank you, Mom. »

You will find the complete recipe in the Valérie’s home cooking recipe book.

Bertinelli’s mother’s lasagna recipe

Taken from his mother’s trusty box of recipe cards, Bertinelli’s lasagna stays true to the family’s original.

This is a huge lasagna that is perfect for a large crowd and contains ground beef, tangy Italian sausage, onion, garlic, dried oregano, tomato paste, packaged tomatoes, eggs, shredded mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese, fresh basil and oregano, no-boil lasagna noodles and lots of ricotta cheese (nearly two pounds, to be exact).

The reviews on the Food Network website, where you’ll find the full recipe, called the Old One day at a time star version “my must-have lasagna recipe” and “Very easy to prepare and simply delicious.

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Bertinelli’s Penne Arrabiata are a treat for tomato lovers

This rustic yet impressive meal calls for tomatoes, garlic, red pepper flakes, Italian seasoning, salt and pepper.

Once it’s cooked for a little while, fresh basil, cooked pasta and grated parmesan are added and the dish is ready to serve.

While Bertinelli prefers fresh tomatoes for the recipe, she notes that it’s perfectly fine to use canned tomatoes to save time: “It’s an easy dinner when I’m in a hurry, and with a green salad. and a creamy dressing to balance out the spice, along with fresh bread, you can count on this as a Monday-Friday staple, like me.

The many five-star ratings for the recipe, found on the Food Network site, praised the simplicity of the dish.

It’s a busy home cook’s dream meal, as one said in his review: “We made this for dinner tonight, and I’m blown away by seeing how easy it was to make and how fantastic it tastes. He will be added to our weekly rotation.

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