Superfrico offers fine Italian cuisine in Las Vegas


One of Las Vegas’ most colorful restaurants, Superfrico, recently opened at the Cosmopolitan, and it’s a great fun and very unique place. It is divided into several areas, each with a different vibe, but which all go together. “With Superfrico, we’ve really raised the bar in our quest to bring the unexpected to Vegas,” Ross Mollison, founder of Spiegelworld, said in a statement.

When you first enter Superfrico’s massive doors, you wait in a rounded anteroom that creates anticipation for your entry. The Artery Dining Room is decorated with neon lights, lots of artwork, and lavish booths, much like your living room, with an arty fireplace, but perhaps a lot more moody. Other areas include the Studio, where a DJ spins and diners relax – and a bar crosses the room. The Ski Lodge has a fireplace and picture window, while the Bottle-O allows you to purchase vials of homemade and bottled cocktails to enjoy while you’re there (or take with you).

I highly recommend starting with a drink, like the Porn Star martini — El Tequileño blanco, Aperol, and other tangy fruit flavors. It goes down so easily. If you’re keeping October sober, Softcore Soda’s Gingered Ale offers a good alternative.

The spicy olives, along with Taggiasca, Castelvetrano and the red Cerignola olives, are fantastic. Like edamame, they’re almost impossible to stop snacking. Sicilianu Meatballs are concocted with dry-aged beef, saffron, and pine nuts, and you can fight your table mate for the last. The pizzas are square and round, the square oozing the frico (hence “Superfrico”). The pistachio mortadella is made with pistachio pesto and homemade stracciatella. There’s also Chicken Parm, fish, and pasta like the king crab bucatini. As you eat, you’ll find a number of colorful characters walking around, from comedians to the Chewbacca twin. It’s all part of the charm.

The cosmopolitan,

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