Rocking M Media Files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Petition

Chapter 11 Petitions

KANSAS-based radio group ROCKING M MEDIA has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Motions filed SATURDAY (3/26) in UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY COURT in KANSAS for four ROCKING M affiliates claim that ROCKING M MEDIA, LLC has $813,696.35 in assets and $8,496,185, $34 in liabilities, while ROCKING M MEDIA WICHITA, LLC has $450,000 in assets and $3,764,794.39 in liabilities, ROCKING M RADIO, INC. has $44,000 in assets and $5,634,734.85 in liabilities, and MELIA COMMUNICATIONS, INC. has 40 cents in assets and $4,470,171.87 in liabilities.

A statement from CEO MONTE MILLER attached to the documents chronicles the expansion of businesses under MILLER’s son, CHRISTOPHER MILLER, blaming the bankruptcy for “expanding too quickly”, CHRISTOPHER MILLER’s “refusal (al) of make the changes necessary to prevent (the company) from collapsing, “”crippling significant litigation,” including lawsuits involving MURFIN, INC. (partner of CHRISTOPHER MILLER in SOUTHWIND BROADCASTING), ENVISION BROADCASTING, ALLIED MEDIA PARTNERS, MERIDIAN MEDIA, LLC, and others, and COVID-19. The statement credits another son, QUINN MILLER, with restructuring the business and reducing debt; “many of the most pressing issues have been resolved,” writes MONTE MILLER, saying the stations that make up the original station group are up to date with their obligations and that the sale of unprofitable stations will enable the company to “pay substantially” its time obligations.

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