Restaurant focused on coastal Italian cuisine opens in Orange County


A new restaurant focused on coastal Italian cuisine made with local ingredients is expected to open in the Hudson Valley in the coming weeks.

Primo Waterfront is preparing to host its grand grand opening in Orange County in November, according to owner Jesse Camac, who is also co-created Heritage Food + Drink in Wappingers Falls.

The restaurant is located at 50 Front St. in the town of Newburgh.

Camac said the restaurant’s menu will take a different approach to Italian cuisine served in the region, as it will focus primarily on seafood and lighter pasta dishes.

The restaurant will also use a variety of local ingredients and seasonal produce, he added.

He said one of the highlights of the menu that he finds particularly unique is the Crudo / cru bar, which is expected to feature seafood, including bluefin tuna, amberjack and more.

Some pasta dishes the restaurant is about to serve include the lobster bucatini and basil caramelle, although Camac noted that the menu is subject to change.

He said the Primo Waterfront team are excited about the entire menu.

“We give things our own spin and try to make them unique to us,” he said.

Camac said the space has been renovated and that in the summer they will open a patio with around 170 seats, in addition to the 65 seats inside.

He believes guests will appreciate the aesthetics and design of the interior, as well as the outdoor seating area and waterfront views.

“We think this will be one of the nicest restaurants in the area,” he said.

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