Rekindle a love affair with Italian cuisine at this restaurant

Located a short walk from Victoria Station and theaters showing Nasty and hamiltonyou will find an italian restaurant Tozi. Angelica’s signature cries “he’ll never be satisfied!” don’t belong here: Alexander Hamilton would find a healthy dose of amazing food and impeccable service if he visited this restaurant. Forget your daily banter with Italian dishes – the pizza to go, the pasta of ready meals – Tozi serves authentic cicchetti-style plates (sharing small plates) and more Italian food. You will fall head over heels in love with your meal, as the characters do to each other in the black and white films projected on the wall of the restaurant.

Tozi’s philosophy is a dedication to the enjoyment of food and wine, and when you engage with the staff you can tell they are proud of the restaurant’s heritage. Tozi means ‘group of friends’ in Venetian slang, so grab your friends (or colleagues or partner – we saw many different types of groups on our visit) and sit down to some of the most impressive Italian dishes. that you will find in London. Yeah, bold assertion, I know, but I mean it with all my heart stomach.

Food at Tozi

Although the chef is originally from northwest Italy, Tozi’s menu features dishes from all over the country. It is recommended to choose at least three or four plates each from the menu, covering raw dishes, fritti, salads, pastas, soups, grilled meats and baked dishes. Each plate comes out as it’s ready, except for the large plates, which are served once all your small dishes have been devoured.

On our visit, we opted for a few dishes from the main sections, plus a large plate. The staff bring you a selection of breads and olive oil to start, and seemingly in a flash your small plates are on the table – service is prompt, even on a busy evening. The calamari fritti was delicious and crispy, but not over battered, giving way to a fair amount of calamari, while the tuna tartare was light and refreshing. The jewel in Tozi’s crown was undoubtedly the maccheroni and pork cheek stew, served with porcini mushrooms and sage. If you ordered a few each not share, I would not judge; in fact, I will do the same on my next visit. The the maccheroni is made fresh – like all pasta at Tozi – and cooked well, and the pork is beautifully fragrant and soft. Every bite was sensational.

a bowl of buffalo ricotta ravioli with black truffles at Tozi
Ravioli with buffalo ricotta and black truffle

Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it), we stopped to order a second/third/fourth serving of maccheroni when our big plate arrived: grilled wild sea bass, served with salsa verde. We also added a side of roast potatoes. The sea bass is served with panache: the whole fish (cooked) is presented, then gracefully prepared in front of you, the staff removing the inedible pieces. All you’re left with is ridiculously soft and succulent fish on deliciously crispy skin. Absolutely delicious.

If you have room for dessert, there is a whole menu including not only sweet dishes, but also dessert cocktails and dessert wine. We opted for the Giandula delight, hazelnut praline and chocolate crumble, and the pistachio tiramisu. Our knowledgeable host advised the first dessert comes from Torino (Turin), the home of the Ferraro family; and you can tell from the sweet nutty flavor. The pistachio tiramisu left us speechless – just to say it was soft, light and had a good balance of flavors doesn’t do it justice. Although we didn’t try it ourselves, the host revealed that the cherry pie reminded her of her grandmother’s cooking, so if you’re the fruity dessert type, this might be the place. way forward.

Drinks at Tozi

When you enter Tozi, the first thing you see is the bar; and it’s quite moving because the cocktails were great. You can choose to prop up the bar on a stool before or after your meal, or have drinks brought from the bar to your table. We tried the penicillin at Tozi, which had distinctive margarita-style vibes, and the Big Mike, a lighter, refreshing option. Our favorite was the Peruvian Connection though: smooth and creamy, it went down almost like a soda.

If cocktails aren’t your thing, the wine menu Chez Tozi is vast – it is an Italian restaurant, after all! The menu includes white and red wines from different wine regions of Italy, and your host can recommend a wine that best suits your palette. The staff will fetch your wine from the impressive high-rise wine cages located around the restaurant. Alternatively, Italian bubbles and beer are also available – we tried the natural, unfiltered Ichnuso from Sardinia, which has already been hailed as the best lager in Europe, and rightly so. It was very fluid.

the bar of the Italian restaurant Tozi

Our visit to Tozi was exceptional: whether you were visiting for a long Italian dinner and catching up, or for a brief pre-theatre menu mouthful, you are going to enjoy this restaurant. Despite the room’s large size, you still feel like you’re at an intimate dinner with your group, and the charismatic staff only adds to that feeling. The prices are quite reasonable (especially for the treats), which is lucky because the food and drink will make you want to come back as soon as possible…

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