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After hearing close friends talking about the Pizzarelli restaurant, I decided to go ahead and try it for myself. Pizzarelli is a pizzeria that specializes not only in pizza, but also in many other choices. Going to Pizzarelli, I thought I would have the typical cheese or pepperoni pizza.

Upon entering the restaurant, the atmosphere was really pleasant. Filled with welcoming employees, when you walk into Pizzarelli you are greeted and asked what you would like to order. If you’re not sure what you want to get, they offer a menu so you can take your time deciding. Looking at the menu, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and try something new. I decided to try their chicken slice pizza with their garlic knots. Once the slice was reheated, I sat down to parse and eat. It was a triangle cut pizza, topped with lettuce, chicken breast cut into strips and dressing. When you bite into the slice you get a mixture of unusual flavors that all go together with a nice crunch from the crust. It might sound weird, but don’t hit it until you’ve tried it. After I finished my slice, I started eating the garlic knots. I was given marinara sauce to soak the knots. The combination of hot knots and marinara sauce went well together.

Pizza isn’t the only thing Pizzarelli is known for. They are also known for their salads, soups, pasta dishes such as baked ziti, lasagna and even fettuccine alfredo. Besides pasta, they also serve sandwiches such as Philly cheese steaks, chicken parmigiana cutlets, etc. Besides sandwiches, pastas and pizzas, they also offer desserts. In their dessert menu they have desserts such as cannoli, tiramisu, tres leche and funnel cakes. With their wide variety of delicious food and variety of drinks, having it as your local restaurant when a meal at home isn’t really an option that night is great. The restaurant is in Perth Amboy, 232 New Brunswick Avenue. Their phone number is (732) 442-4999. If you live in the city of Perth Amboy they deliver but if you live out of town you will have to place your order yourself.

Pizzarelli is a place to go out with family or even friends to eat on the go.

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