Originated in Sacramento to expand New York’s Italian restaurant downtown. here is the plan

The Midtown food scene will soon make way for another pizza destination – and this one comes straight from New York’s Manhattan borough.

Scheduled to open in spring 2023 at 1801 L St., Pazza Notte Restaurant’s second location will feature a 2,891 square foot space with three sections of outdoor patio, a brick oven, happy hour and a DJ, according to a release from hurry. Owner Tove Nord, a Sacramento native, said he always dreamed of opening a restaurant in his hometown.

“This neighborhood really spoke to us, it has all the elements we were looking for, great local culture, super charming streets, diverse residents and great restaurants and bars…we’re in good company,” Nord said. in the press release.

The New York restaurant opened in 2000 just three blocks from Central Park in Manhattan, concocting recipes inspired by Italian and American comfort food and their grandmothers, according to the website. Twenty-two years later, the “Italian-American home cooking” destination will stretch nearly 3,000 miles across the country to downtown Sacramento.

“Pazza Notte celebrates all things Italian, the food, the hospitality, the warm and inviting culture with the passion that can only be found in Italy,” the New York-based restaurant wrote in its Facebook page.

The shop’s menu, which consists of nine thin Neapolitan crust pies, 10 appetizers, seven small plates, eight pasta dishes, a main dish and eight side dishes, ranges from 6 to $27. The drinks menu is extensive, with a selection of wines, martinis, beers, cocktails, sangria, and champagne.

“We are incredibly excited to open a second Pazza Notte in Sacramento and especially in the Handle neighborhood…it’s great to be back with my family and bringing our concept with us,” Nord said in the statement. Press.

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