Opening of a new barbecue restaurant in the former Italian restaurant Rinaldi’s in Longmeadow: Fletcher’s Barbecue Shop & Steakhouse

A new barbecue restaurant is coming to Rinaldi Square in Longmeadow.

The restaurant will open in the former Italian restaurant Rinaldi’s, located at 408 Longmeadow Street in Longmeadow.

Rinaldi Capital Group announced Fletcher’s Barbecue Shop & Steakhouse restaurant in a Facebook post on Thursday. It’s based in Brooklyn, New York, the real estate development and investment firm said.

“A unique addition to the current retail and commercial offerings in Longmeadow,” the group said. “This new restaurant plans to open next fall.”

Rinaldi’s Italian restaurant closed in 2018 after 41 years.

“I’ll miss that, I can tell you.” But I am also delighted with the retirement, ”said Robert Rinaldi at the close.

The new restaurant has opened multiple locations since it opened in 2012. Brooklyn barbecue isn’t like Texas or Midwestern barbecue, the restaurant says – it’s its own thing.

“Barbecue is a religion for most Americans, and wherever you come from is the only real barbecue for you. We tend to think you are right. Whether it’s brisket and sausage in Texas, pork in the Carolinas, ribs in the Midwest, or tacos on the West Coast, these are all authentic barbecues, ”the website states. “Here in Brooklyn, we create our own style of ‘cue’ that combines the tradition of wood-fired cooking with responsible farming and flavor profiles inspired by the many ethnicities encountered while walking the streets of New York’s greater borough. York. “

The menu rotates but can include “burnt ends of smoked beef brisket next to a sweet and savory char siu pork shoulder” or “pickled garlic scapes next to honey-glazed cornbread,” depending on the menu. website.

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