New Pizzeria, Italian Restaurant in Myrtle Beach, SC


The owner of Bellissimo Italian Pizzeria in Conway is embarking on her next restaurant adventure this fall. After selling Bellissimo earlier this year, she is opening a new business in Pawleys Island.

Rose Misseri plans to open Rosie’s Pizzeria near Thanksgiving. The Post & Courier Myrtle Beach first reported on the company’s plans last month. This is Misseri’s third restaurant that it owns in the region. Her other previous restaurant, which she sold along with Bellissimo, was Italian restaurant The Original Valentino in Surfside Beach. Originally, she left the restaurant business to relax and focus on her children, but after a year at home, she wanted to return to work.

Misseri said Rosie’s will focus on the freshest ingredients possible. If it’s prepackaged in a tin can, she doesn’t want it near the restaurant, as she has had to tell her suppliers multiple times.

“It was in my blood because my grandmother, my grandmother, she taught me how to cook,” said Misseri, born in Sicily, Italy. She moved here at the age of 12 and was raised by her grandparents. “We made a lot of homemade pasta. Homemade bread. Sauce made from scratch where you make your own canning and jars. This is how I learned all my cooking. I never went to cooking school.

The menu will also focus on simplicity, using as few ingredients as possible to make them all shine, Misseri said.

“A lot of (restaurants) used too much herbs. I hate it when they use all of these herbs. You don’t need it, she said. In many cases, an Italian recipe only needs garlic, basil and olive oil, she attests. “You don’t need all of these extras. You will spoil the taste of your tomatoes, the taste of your pasta.

Like so many businesses, Misseri struggled with supply chain issues as she tried to open the restaurant. It took weeks to get his pizza oven. The first two she ordered appeared to be broken. The third only arrived a few days ago, and she just had it installed. His initial plans to open the restaurant by early November have now been pushed back just before or right after Turkey Day.

The restaurant will obviously serve a lot of pizza, but Misseri also plans to offer subs and pasta. Her favorite is Rosie’s Special Pizza: a white pizza with cheese, spinach, broccoli and blackened chicken.

This is Misseri’s first foray into opening a restaurant on Pawleys Island, and it’s dozens of miles from Surfside Beach and Conway where his last two businesses were located. But, in just a few weeks there, she has already fallen in love with the area.

“It was like I was like I was in Sicily,” Misseri said. “In Sicily (people) come and introduce themselves and say, ‘Hi, how are you? How is it going ? If you need help and here is my number. ‘ It’s the same here! They are actually quite nice.

Rosie’s Pizzeria is also its largest restaurant to date, which is intentional. The other two didn’t have a lot of seating so it was difficult for people to bring large families to eat there.

“I had a lot of families coming and they were disappointed,” she said. “I didn’t want a bigger restaurant, but all my customers who follow me would always say, ‘If you have a bigger place, I can bring my whole family here because I love to come and dine there. . ‘”

Rosie’s Pizzeria will be located at 10225 Ocean Highway on Pawleys Island.

This story was originally published November 10, 2021 5:00 a.m.

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