New Italian Restaurant in Helena Brings Pre-Packaged Meals to Your Dining Table

HELENA – A new Italian restaurant in Helena prepares fresh pasta and pizza, and even gives customers the option to bring home meals right to the dining room table.

“Conforto is Italian for comfort, you know if it’s comfort food or if you come here and you are comfortable or the bill is comfortable,” said Kyle Osborne , Managing Director of Conforto Ristorante.

Osborne hopes the restaurant will all stand out by following its mission.

“People who love pizza dough, people love pizza. People love pasta and I think where most restaurants go wrong is they forget the human aspect, ”said Osborne.

And with their smooth opening last week, the community comments got off to a good start.

“If the majority of people like it, it’s a win in my book,” Osborne said.

And you don’t just have to sit and eat inside the restaurant, Conforto offers prepackaged meals for families.

“I wanted to be as community-oriented as possible which for me also means practical and so we have a cold case, we are going to produce all the items that we think will fit well in the cold case and can warm in the house easy. Osborne said.

Osbourne says the opportunity to develop a new business and a new restaurant is exciting for him.

“I hope everything improves a little bit each day as we gain more experience,” said Osborne.

Conforto Ristorante is located at 625 Barney Street. They open at 4 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday.

You can find more information on how to order here.

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