Move over Noodle Samosa, it’s time for Indo-Italian cuisine to shine


Indochinese dishes have been circulating on social media for a long time. It gets boring to watch the same thing over and over again and foodies across the country seemed to get it. So again, it’s none other than our beloved samosa that’s in the spotlight this time around. You must have heard of aloo samosa, matar samosa, paneer samosa, and even meat samosa. Next are unconventional toppings like Palak corn, butter chicken, and even a sweet banana samosa. When we talk about toppings for samosas, there is a fine line between the absurd and the genius! And this Indo-Italian snack leans a lot towards the latter.

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If you think about it, Italian is surely one of the hottest cuisines in India! Whenever you go out to a restaurant, what do you usually order if you don’t want to experience a lot? A paste? A pizza? And what is it? Italian of course! We may not have noticed it, but Italian dishes have recently become one of our favorites. And for good reason, the star of the moment right now is the new pasta samosa everyone is talking about! Yes, you heard right! Red sauce, white sauce, pink sauce, you name it and I bet the pasta has been used as a garnish in a samosa somewhere before!

The star of the hour right now is the new pasta samosa

How To Make Samosa Pasta | Samosa pasta recipe:

Samosa pasta is pretty easy to prepare, and we usually always have pasta ingredients on hand. So why not try it out for yourself? To make the pasta samosa, first prepare your choice of pasta. Cook the pasta in boiling water, in another pan fry the garlic and vegetables as usual, add the tomato puree for a pasta garnish with red sauce. Garnish with Italian seasonings and finish with the obligatory grated cheese. For the samosa dough, combine all-purpose flour, ghee and salt and make a semi-hard dough. Take small portions the size of a ball and roll them into thin rotis. Cut in half and stuff the pasta in the center, forming a triangle. Fry over medium heat and serve with cheese dip and mint chutney!

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Click here for the detailed Pasta Samosa recipe.

Easy to prepare and really delicious, add this pasta samosa to your evening snack list and watch everyone fall in love with it! Tell us what other samosa toppings have you experimented with recently?

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