Man horrified by his fiance’s continued assault on Italian food


@ carloandsarah / TikTok

A friend perfectly masters the art of liquidating her boyfriend.

Simply known as Sarah on TikTok, the woman has documented her Italian fiancé’s reactions when she does very anti-Italian things, and it’s hilarious.

From having a cappuccino after lunch to telling her she wants pineapple on her pizza; Sarah has been continuously grinding Carlo’s gears for quite some time.

In one video, Sarah cuts raw spaghetti in half to fit in the pan, and Carlo was not happy. Calling the short pasta “sh * t pasta”, he insists it’s no longer spaghetti if it’s broken in half. Carlo then claims that what Sarah did is illegal in Italy.

The hilarious video has since been viewed nearly seven million times and generated thousands of comments. One person wrote: “It was the sound of her broken heart, not the spaghetti. Another person joked that Sarah had successfully become the most wanted person in Italy.

Someone else wrote: “Oh, why would you want to do that to the poor man? I’m not even Italian and I’m hurt too.

In another extractSarah says she’s going to make spaghetti carbonara for Carlo and his family, and starts listing the ingredients she needs.

Girlfriend wants to use hot dogs in pasta (carloandsarah / TikTok)@ carloandsarah / TikTok

Everything is going well until she says she needs hot dogs for the meal, and if Carlo was on a chair, he definitely would have fallen.

Completely shocked by his future wife wanting to put popular American food in the traditional pasta dish, Carlo again jokes that it’s illegal to do this in Italy and that he was going to call the police on her.

She then suggests that she go make burgers instead, which goes down like a lead balloon with Carlo.

Maybe it’s safer to let him cook in the future …

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