Italian cuisine in the Midwest

Dinner with a blindfold? In a dark room? If you like taking Instagrammable photos of your food, the idea might sound a little weird. But it is a fact that if one sense is lost, the other senses naturally intensify. Which means double pleasure, double flavor. To put this to the test, exclusive Dining in the Dark experienceyou walk into a dark restaurant, don a blindfold, and dive into a three-course meal.

Sydney foodies will remember the past Dine in the dark experiences in the city, which left many guests in awe. Luckily for us, Fever brings back the savvy dining experience only this time with a spicy Italian touch.

Dining in the Dark is going to be more than delicious starting September 7th.

If the concept itself hasn’t intrigued you yet, wait until you find out what awaits you there. To this mysterious and immersive eveningyou will be entitled to a three-course surprise meal so you have no idea what you’re eating in advance. Simply choose a color according to your preferences: green for vegetarians, blue for seafood or red for meat. There will be a delicious starter to start, a classic Italian dish and a decadent dessert to start.

By dining all evening, you will find yourself enjoying all the unique textures and flavors of the kitchen that you might neglect on an ordinary basis. It’s all happening September at the famous Italian restaurant Capriccio Osteria.

Grab a seat for this delicious dining experience in the dark today.

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