Friends with Benefits: Ryan Bruce of Piero’s Italian Kitchen

Piero’s Italian Cuisine and its head bartender Ryan Bruce have something in common: they both have deep roots in Las Vegas. In fact, Piero’s will be celebrating its 40th anniversary in March, and Bruce is a third-generation Las Vegan.

Bruce’s grandfather moved to the desert town to work for Area 51 and the Nevada Test Site; Bruce’s father has long owned and operated a small business in Las Vegas; and Bruce himself joined Piero when he was just 16, over a dozen years ago. “I thought I wanted to be a chef, so I came to Piero’s to help out in the kitchen,” says Bruce. “But I ended up serving tables instead, and then I worked almost every position here, from bus to waiter to captain and host. Then, when I was 21, I became a bartender.

As the main bartender, Bruce takes great pride in taking care of every guest sitting at his bar. “I have a good memory of what you drink – I remember exactly what you drink and how you like it,” he says. With Piero’s long history, many of Bruce’s guests have been coming to the restaurant for years – it’s long been a hot spot for celebrities, politicians. athletes and the Vegas elite.

“I love the history here, especially being from Las Vegas myself,” says Bruce. “I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I grew up working here. I took care of celebrities like Jerry Lewis, Don Rickles, Joe Pesci (scenes from the movie Casino were filmed at Piero). It really is a family restaurant, and we treat it that way. It won’t be a quick dining experience – it takes a while, but that’s what adds to the ambiance. From the moment you arrive until the moment you leave, you will always be taken care of. Piero is one of a kind. It has that classic feel. It’s that old-school Vegas restaurant. It is not something that can ever be reproduced or duplicated.

Libation: Espresso Martini

One of the most popular cocktails served by Piero is the espresso martini. It’s made with freshly brewed espresso, vanilla vodka, regular vodka, and a splash of Kahlua. “We’re definitely known for our martinis because it’s a big 10-ounce pour,” says Bruce. “We go to the very top (glass). We don’t miss a drop. Piero’s is also known to the Vegas celebrity community, which recently voted the restaurant into the 2022 Las Vegas Magazine Hall of Fame.

Advantage: Ask Bruce to make you his signature drink, the Amaretto Stone Sour. (This writer says it’s delicious!)

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