Embassy and Sheraton celebrate “Italian Cuisine Week”


KUWAIT: During the celebration of the sixth edition of the “Week of Italian cuisine in the world”, the Italian Embassy in Kuwait, in collaboration with the restaurant Riccardo of the Sheraton, organized a reception hosted by Ambassador Carlo Baldocci at his residence to commemorate the event. In attendance were the diplomatic corps of Kuwait and representatives of civil society.

Since its opening in 1979, the iconic Riccardo Restaurant has transformed into a gourmet Italian restaurant with an exquisite menu, unparalleled hospitality and great design. The legendary Riccardo was built in such a way as to captivate visitors with its onyx marble columns and majestic chandeliers that showcase Venetian handcrafted bronze statues. Truly a work of art and designed to perfection, this place holds memories of royalty, presidents, kings and dignitaries who once dined here.

Our own Italian Executive Chef Simone Murru and her world-class team were responsible for providing guests with a modern twist to the original Italian cuisine. Chef Murru and his team shone throughout the evening and proved that the Italian way of cooking remains the most sincere form of expression of their culture, history and tradition which indeed must be celebrated.

Fahed Abushaar, General Manager of Sheraton Kuwait Hotel Complex, personally underscored his appreciation for Italian cuisine and its global reach, expressing that an Italian outlet is the signature restaurant, still important in any hospitality industry. upscale, such as the iconic Riccardo restaurant at the Sheraton Kuwait, one of Kuwait’s best destinations.


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