Dallas Expo Park Italian Restaurant Closes After Epic Flooding

Following a series of calamities including a recent flood, an Italian restaurant in Dallas has closed: Tarantino’s Cicchetti Bar & Record Loungewho persevered during the pandemic, threw in the towel after three years.

The restaurant was located in Expo Park, among areas of Dallas that suffered heavy flooding during a rainstorm on August 21.

Fans of the restaurant rallied to help owner Peter Tarantino clean up afterward, including throwing a GoFundMe. But Tarantino Told the MND that the event was basically the final straw.

Tarantino set out to open the restaurant in early 2020 – his third attempt at reviving a family-owned restaurant from the 90s, but with a twist: incorporating not just a restaurant and bar but also a vinyl depot.

Family recipes included beloved meatballs and old-school dishes like fried ravioli in marinara sauce.

But with the pandemic came the wrong time and circumstances, with Tarantino facing the same food and staff shortages that have plagued the entire restaurant industry.

“It was up and down and we were getting traction and something was slapping us,” Tarantino Told NBCDFW.

“We had already invested a lot of time and money, and with the grace of the owner they worked with us,” he said.

More recently, it temporarily closed when the Music Hall in Fair Park underwent a two-month renovation. They planned to reopen this week.

“I really had kind of a meltdown,” Tarantino told NBC DFW. “I put pretty much my whole life into this.”

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