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16 Mar



Consumer Loan Small Loan fast loan SMS loan Small loan is unsecured instant loans to individuals. That is why a small loan is also a second name – a consumer loan It is wise to apply for a small loan in situations where you need money for a short period of time, for example to reach the end of the store, which ends a week before the payday or an unexpectedly broken car repair. The purpose of a small loan is to provide financial assistance in case of unforeseen and unexpected expenses. A small loan is not intended to fill current crises. To apply for a loan, you must fill out the loan application on the selected lender’s website. Several lenders can do this by logging in with an ID card, in some cases just having to make a user account. However, making a loan application takes only a few minutes. Your application must include your contact information and income information. The application must be accompanied by documents proving the existence of income – bank account statements from the last 6 months or salary certificates issued by the employer are sufficient for this purpose. The main output of Eesti Pank’s financial stability analysis is that you choose Bigbank as your preferred financial partner. then you won’t get any leasing or loan with a normal percentage anyway. Loan repayment takes place in a similar way to private loans Last year I asked Credit Invest 10,000 euros for a loan to be issued twice a year. either as an annuity smsrax (equal monthly payments) or as a free repayment where only monthly interest is paid and the principal of the loan is repaid at the end of the loan period. A joint fund is being set up to issue a lifetime prize and a young journalist prize. The fund is financed with sponsorship money donated by private individuals with journalistic backgrounds (Hans H. Luik Igor Rõtov, Margus Mets by Jüri Ehasalu Toomas). The size of the fund is at least 10,000 euros, which is divided into the following: life prize 5,000 euros young journalist prize 5000 euros. The loan portfolio amounts to EUR 12 billion, an increase of EUR 132 million compared to March 2015. The growth of the loan portfolio is based on active lending to small and medium-sized enterprises in all Baltic countries and private client loans in Latvia and Lithuania. According to Citadele Group’s strategy to facilitate access to finance for small and medium-sized enterprises, the amount of loans granted to such companies in the last 12 months increased by 16% in Latvia by 20% in Lithuania and 45% in Estonia.

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