Best Italian Food 2020: Casa Mia


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Italian restaurant Casa Mia in Kennewick.

Herald of the Three Cities

After nearly 30 years in Tri-Cities, Casa Mia continues to compete with multinational chains with its artisanal Italian cuisine based on recipes developed by Italian-American immigrants to New York City in the early 1900s.

Founded in 1952 in Hoquiam on the west coast of Washington, Casa Mia founder Phil Bellofatto helped bring this cultural heritage and culinary tradition to the Pacific Northwest. Casa Mia has since spread statewide, with Casa Mia opening its first franchise in Kennewick in 1993.

When they first opened, Italian food was mostly eaten in the form of marinara-style spaghetti in a box.

Even harder to imagine is a time when pizza wasn’t a main facet of the American diet’s melting pot, but it was when Casa Mia first opened.

The restaurant quickly changed that in every community it opened its doors to, bringing in hand-made pizza dough made daily, topped with a sauce simmered for six hours derived from Phil’s own recipe and baked at perfection in a brick fireplace.

Today, Casa Mia continues to carry on Phil’s legacy and focus on tradition through classic recipes that have led to the restaurant’s continued success.

1. Italian restaurant and pizzeria Casa Mia

2541 avenue W. Kennewick, Kennewick


607 George Washington Road, Richland


2. Italiano’s Serious Pies & Pasta Restaurant

4850 Paradise Way, West Richland


3. Olive Garden Italian restaurant

1420 N. Louisiana Ave., Kennewick


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