Alex Jones Sandy Hook libel trial set to begin in CT

NEWTOWN — A federal judge has ruled a jury trial could begin in Connecticut to determine how much Alex Jones will pay the eight Sandy Hook families he defamed, even though Jones has filed for bankruptcy protection for his company mother — a decision that normally blocks trials in state court.

“A jury is being selected in Connecticut Superior Court,” Connecticut Bankruptcy Judge Julie Manning wrote in an order filed late Monday. “The (families’) rights to have this process proceed in Connecticut Superior Court must not be interfered with.”

Manning is referring to jury selection that began its first day Aug. 2 in Waterbury for a trial to determine how much Jones will pay an FBI agent and eight families who lost loved ones in the Sandy Hook massacre. That jury selection was blocked the same day when Jones’ attorneys informed State Superior Court Judge Barbara Bellis that the parent company of Jones’ conspiratorial merchandising platform, Infowars, had been “withdrawn” under federal bankruptcy court protection.

“A dismissal will not adversely affect the bankruptcy administration (of Jones’ parent company),” Manning’s eight-page order reads. “[T]he claims must go to trial, and the Connecticut Superior Court is prepared to do so. It is undisputed that jury selection had already begun when the notices of dismissal were filed and the trial is scheduled to begin on September 6, 2022.”

Translation: The Connecticut trial is set to resume jury selection as soon as Bellis orders it — a decision that could come as early as Tuesday.

The Connecticut lawsuit follows a similar but separate lawsuit in Texas earlier this month that drew nationwide attention, where a jury awarded the parents of a boy killed in the Sandy Hook massacre $49 million. dollars in damages for defamation.

Jones, who called the 2012 murder of 20 first graders and six educators at Sandy Hook Elementary School “staged”, “synthetic”, “fabricated”, “a giant hoax” and a “completely wrong with actors,” testified at the trial in Texas. that the worst crime in Connecticut history was “100% real” – a concession that the parents’ lawyers said fell far short of damages caused by his defamation.

The Connecticut Families’ lead attorney said the Connecticut bankruptcy court’s decision on Monday was encouraging.

“We are grateful that the bankruptcy court saw the brazen efforts of Alex Jones to prevent a jury from being convened and to hold him accountable,” attorney Chris Mattei said. “We look forward to the trial.”

It is the second time this year that Jones has placed an entity he controls under bankruptcy protection on the eve of a libel suit, only for the maneuver to fail.

Jones did the same in April a week before the start of the just-concluded trial in Texas. In April, Jones placed three shell companies he controls under federal bankruptcy protection. The Sandy Hook families won the bankruptcy dismissal when they withdrew the three shell companies from their lawsuit. It was an easy decision for the families. The three shell companies had a combined monthly income of $38,000. Jones himself earned $76 million in 2019, his own reps said.

Jones has between $130 million and $270 million, said a financial expert called to testify by the parents at the trial in Texas.

Monday’s news from the Connecticut bankruptcy court means jury selection in Waterbury could resume as soon as later this week. On August 2, Bellis gave attorneys 24 hours’ notice to resume jury selection if the case returned to state court.

Norm Pattis, the New Haven attorney leading Jones’ Connecticut defense, responded with two words to the bankruptcy court news.

” Game ! he said on Monday evening.

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